…even if you’re child is a picky eater.

I'm Jess, And I'll Be Your Guide


I'm a mom of three, a holistic nutritionist, author, speaker and health coach specializing in children's nutrition. I'm also a former high school teacher.

I've been working with families for 20 years.

At our integrative healthcare clinic I spend my days coaching parents, helping them find a nutrition strategy so their kids calm down, learn better, have better sleep, have more stable moods.

We go beyond diagnosis. We use food to support the overall health of the body so that it works better.

When we do that, troubling symptoms - from skin rashes to tantrums to anxiety and inattention - start to dissolve. I call this process Raising Resilience.

At home I’m a parent, like you, just trying to keep all my balls in the air and raise a healthy family.

After working with hundreds of families, from classroom to clinic, I know that...

  • If your child is struggling with anxiety, aggression, focus or learning they are not alone. Kids are struggling now more than ever. They’re having a hard time staying focused, they struggle with transitions, with sleep, with mood, with anger; many  have a hard time learning and communicating; allergies and asthma are on the rise and more kids are complaining of tummy trouble.
  • Food is likely playing a role in your child's behavoiur or pain. The impact of food on the body is the one piece of the puzzle that is being missed by most teachers, therapists, doctors and counsellors. Since food impacts every tissue of the body, exploring food remains a powerful, yet sorely underutilized tool for helping your kids
  • If you've tried making diet changes and have seen no improvements it's probably because you didn't have a roadmap of the most powerful strategies or a way to systematically track changes.
  • If you've been told diet changes won't make a difference, whomever told you that was not able to give you a safe and effective plan that takes into account the most recent research about how food influences biochemistry. 
  • What we have to do to help your child is raise their resilience. We improve the function of the brain by improving the health of the body. We can do that by using a 2-pronged approach - remove irritation and support the body's processes of self regulation. Good nutrition is a key part of the process.

Food Is A Very Useful Tool That Can Help Your Child Calm Down, Focus, Sleep, Be Happy And Better Self Regulate…

Here's Why...

Nutrients regulate inflammation.

Food effects blood sugar.

Food shifts the body's bacteria.

Food provides building blocks for growth & development.

Food creates and activates our body’s chemical messengers.

What (And How) Your Child Eats Influences How They Think, Feel, Act And Function - Their Resilience - Because Food Activates Processes Deep Within Their Body. If You Want To Learn To Leverage It, You're In The Right Place

But Feeding A Family Is Tough!

Does your life look like this?

You spend your nights sifting through all the blogs, facebook posts, books, articles and opinions to try to figure out what you should be feeing your child.

You finally free up time, energy and money to get this healthy food on the table...

...only to have your kids reject it because it’s the wrong color or they don’t like how it smells!

Back to square one.

I get it.

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY:  To use food to help your child while keeping your sanity intact you need to surround yourself with the right support, stick to a system and know what you're looking for.

If you don't do that, I guarantee you'll continue to feel overwhelmed.

You need to become spectacularly efficient.

Let's Move You From Overwhelmed To Confident

Introducing the Raising Resilience Jumpstart Program For Parents

Based on the principles outlined in my book, this on-line 7-part training focuses on simple actions that make a profound difference to your child's health. These are the same steps I have taken many families through to reduce symptoms of autism, anxiety, ADHD and aggression. In Jumpstart we stay strategic and systematic. We start simple and keep this manageable.

Let's Take The Stress Out Of Feeding Your Family And Help Your Child Feel Better

In Jumpstart you will...

  • Safely replace the top dietary irritants that commonly interfere wtih self regulation without risking nutritional deficiency (this will help you figure out if they are a problem for your child)
  • Understand nutritional supplements, gain access to top quality brands and get professional advice about whether you need them
  • Remove irritating chemicals and additives without feeling like you’re depriving your kids
  • Learn about what to add into the diet - particualrly helpful foods and how to apply the 3 core nutritional strategies that help kids self regulate better
  • Learn about allergies and deeper food irritants and understand nutritious substitutions
  • Make sense of and access testing options and get help deciding if that’s the route you need to go
  • Learn about the latest research on food and the brain so you understand why you are going to all this trouble 
  • Learn from my years of experience working with families to understand what exactly to expect when you make diet changes
  • Gain insight into your picky eater so you can stop pulling your hair out and find mealtime peace

Jumpstart Is Designed To Help You Nourish Your Child So They Feel Better

Get Support With This

When We Raise Resilience, Here’s What We End Up With…

  • Kids who sleep better, focus better, communicate better, learn better and have more stable moods and behaviours

  • Parents who can relax, knowing exactly what drives their kids’ symptoms and behaviours and who have a toolbox of strategies to help

  • A sigh of relief for everyone… so you and your kids can relax and enjoy life more

Jumpstart Is An On-Line, Virtual Program: Here's How It Works...

The 7 core lessons in Jumpstart are delivered via pre-recorded audio and video and are accompanied by downloadable PDF handouts.  

You have full access to all the material right away after purchase for as long as you need it. 

All material is on-line and can be accessed as often as you like. Work at your own speed from the comfort of your home.

You will be invited via email to our 3 live on-line sessions.  Everything will be recorded in case you can't come live and you can submit questions ahead if you need to. You also have access to all recorded sessions we've done so far.


Bonus #1: Three Week Meal Plan and Recipe Inspiration Guide

I created the Recipe Inspiration Guide so you will know exactly what to feed your kids. All in all it includes 118 of my favourite recipes that follow the nutritional concepts laid out in my book. I've also created a 3 week meal plan - week one contains gluten and dairy free versions of more "familiar" foods like pizza and sandwiches, week 2 will help you try a paleo type diet, and week 3 introduces you to foods from the Specific Carbohydrate Diet protocol.

Bonus #2: Q&A Session 

The Jumpstart program is designed as a self directed course but right now we're adding in on-line group Q&A session to gain clarity. We'll start with an orientation webinar and keep adding on sessions as needed. You also have access to all the sessions we've done so far (along with a summary sheet of the questions)

Bonus #3: New Members Are Getting Help With Their Picky Eaters.

The Practical Parents Guide To Feeding Picky Eaters audio course helps parents understand the factors that influence picky eating behaviour so they can uproot that behaviour from the inside and get their kids to eat. You can learn about it here.

Bonus #4: Full access To My SuperNourished Family Course.

SNF is my introductory on-line course designed to be a crash course for parents in healthy family nutrition. It will answer all your questions about what fats to use, what sweeteners to use, how to read food labels and make quick decisions at the grocery store, how to stock your pantry and more. You can learn about it here

Bonuses #5 and #6: Exclusive Invite To Two Live Webinars

Jumpstart is designed to be self directed but I'm adding 2 live webinars to bring more depth to the material. We'll do one on Implementing the 3 Core Diet Strategies For Raising Resilience and another on Testing Options, When (and if) To Do Them, And What They Tell you.

The Bonus Material Along With The Nutrition Coaching Is Valued At $1350, Making Jumpstart The Most Cost Effective Way To Get Exactly What You Need To Start Helping Your Child.

Start Now And Get The Bonuses

Let’s Keep It Real.

All of us parents just want to see our kids grow healthy and happy. We want them to function their best, live their lives with confidence and experience success.

If your child is struggling right now let that be your call to action. It’s time to improve the health of their body using the tools you’ll find in the Jumpstart training and set them on the road to success.

I created the Jumpstart program because parents like you need help now. You need a cost effective, efficient way to laser in on what’s most important - which is getting irritants out and nutrition in.  

This does not need to be overwhelming, should not require expensive coaching, and should not stretch your energy resources even further than they already are.


Working With Food Is What You Can Do To Help Your Child Starting Right Now.

Let's Do This Together